Wow – I could really load up this site with the hundreds of photos we took this summer while in the blessed land of America; however, I will spare you.  We definitely used up every second of our time between our stops in Tampa, Atlanta, Salt Lake and Seattle.  Highlights include the Allen Family trip to Lake Powell (totally fantastic), family Lagoon Day, Jen’s family reunion at Stan’s house (with the new pool), Gossners-yes, to get curd, The Dark Knight, Costco, every Mexican restaurant we could find, Target, watching TV in English, spending US Dollars (a lot), back to school shopping, birthday shopping, Christmas shopping, (you get the idea here, right), dutch oven at Tara’s, Allsop’s baby blessing, shopping with Jeanelle, baseball at Perry’s, family pictures, and loading/unloading 12 suitcased filled to the max!  Can’t wait to do it all again next year!  Now we send Myles and Lucy off to school tomorrow (what will Jen do with only one at home?) and I am planning our next European excursion -but first we’re going to relax and enjoy sleeping in our own beds for a few weeks. TTFN
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3 Responses to Summertime!

  1. Unknown says:

    Tyler! I wanted to say that we were SO sad that we missed you guys! We were up at my parents house when you stopped by…major bummed! Sounds like you had a blast in the U.S.A though. Oh, and thanks SO much for grandma\’s DVD…that was very nice!! Well, we miss you guys…hope everything is going great!Love, Monica

  2. Kari says:

    Jenny, no way!  Okay, so I\’ve decided blogs are like doing family history.  You find one friend\’s blog, and it links to another and another until you find this web of old friends that you have fallen out of touch with.  I found you guys through the Esplins (who I got from the Weavers, etc.).  So cool.  So, I haven\’t read much yet, but I can gather that you guys are world travelers.  Fun!  After doing the GE transfer game around the country we\’re now back in the great lakes state (Scott works for a mid-sized community back now, so we\’ve been planted  here for 3 years, now).  Anywho, I am working on this mega surprise for Scott\’s birthday (shhh…).  I have created a surprise blog for him, where I post birthday wishes (and photos or video clips) from friends and family.  I am trying to track down as many people as possible to fill it up.  If you guys could contribute, that woudl be great, but if not, I\’d still love to catch up.  So good to hear from you.  Wow, 3 kids, right? (Us, too, all boys).  Myles is HUGE.  Where does the time go?????

  3. Kari says:

    Oops. It doens\’t how who I am, sorry!  The last comment was from me, Kari Willmott.

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