Fun with Bruce & Jan

So we had a great time with my mom and dad in Munich (in their first trip outside the US since the Acapulco getaway in 1980).  "Hey Acapulco, that’s where you’ll find sunny blue waters where the sand is warm and friendly".  Wish there was a song like that for Munich – but I guess this doesn’t make sense if you don’t know that Neil Diamond song.  I don’t even know the title….is it Acapulco?  Maybe.  Anyway, back to Germany.  We had quite the whirlwind tour of Bavaria while they were here.  We drove about 1600 kilometers in 9 days and hit as many of the hotspots as we could.  Highlights:

  1. Coke Light.  Before she arrived, Mom was concerned about the availability of Diet Coke.  Apparently it tastes like regular Coke so Mom and Dad were not impressed.  In fact, Mom switched to Sprite Zero by the end of her stay.
  2. Nightly Games.  Its so much fun to have more than 2 adults here to play games.  The favorite of this trip was Category 5. 
  3. Rotenburg.  We found some great pottery and spent lots of Euros at the Kathe Wolfahrt Christmas store; had great Doners for lunch; and loved the walk along the top of the old fortress wall.
  4. Salzburg.  Always a highlight to walk in the footsteps of Julie Andrews – I love the Sound of Music – so its fun to be there and see the sights (again).  Also the Salzburg Fortress was cool too.
  5. Castles & Palaces.  Yes, there are many!  Neuschwanstein, Linderhoff, Munich City Residenz, and the Nymphenburg.  How would it have been to really live in places like that???
  6. Stake Conference.  The kids were sick, so only my Dad and I made it to stake conf.  It was all in German so my dad and I wore the headphones and listened to the talks as they were translated.  Three cheers for the translation team who had a very difficult job of listening & translating immediately.  It is an interesting experience being in the minority and not catching all that is said…especially the jokes.
  7. Italian Pizza.  Given the proximity to Italy, Munich has a lot of great Italian restaurants. We stopped for pizza one afternoon in Oberammergau and had a nice lunch in the shadows of a tall mountain.  As soon as the sun went behind the mountain it got VERY cold.  OK kids…time to go.  (we were eating outside)
  8. Heros.  We started watching Heros Season 1 while Mom & Dad were here.  (We didn’t sign up for German TV, so our TV consumption is limited to DVDs we bring home from the US).  It is a great TV show… just like all the others we used to watch (Alias, Lost, 24, etc.).  We’re hooked now, but will have to wait until we can buy more seasons (or move back to the mother land)

I could go on, but I think I won’t.  It was a great time!  We love you Mom and Dad.

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One Response to Fun with Bruce & Jan

  1. Unknown says:

    I didn\’t know Bruce and Jan were going to come see you…that is SO fun!! I wish we could come visit!! Hope you guys have a happy T-Day! Are you going to try to have a Turkey that day? Anyway, we will miss you guys at the big Allen bash this year…I\’m excited!! It\’s always fun to hear from you!Love, Monica

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