Frohe Weinachten

Merry Christmas Germany 2008!  We had a GREAT time!  Like last year, the only major snowfall (so far) happened while I was out of town.  Thank Goodness Dallas was here to help shovel the snow!  I’m not sure why, but our kids LOVE to shovel the snow….it has something to do with watching Tweety Bird shovel snow on an episode of Looney Toons.  We hit as many Christmas Markets as we could – it is tough given the freezing temperatures; but we bundled up as best as we could and made the rounds.  I was a lot warmer this year with my underarmour tights on (I bought them this summer in Utah for this specific purpose).  I am not ashamed to wear tights.  We went to Jen’s favorite Italian restaurant in Munich for her birthday.  Great food and a great preview of our trip to Rome for New Years (more to come on that later).  We were so happy to have Dallas with us for Christmas.  He stopped in Munich on his way home from India and stayed with us for Christmas and New Years.  Lucy looked great in her Christmas dress, but unfortunatley due to sickness, she and Jen were the only ones that made it to church that week.  We have all taken turns being sick over the past few weeks and I think we are all through with it now (just some lingering coughs).  Christmas Eve and Day were great – we had wonderful food (thanks Jen); fantastic presents to open; and thoroughly enjoyed our last Christmas in Germany. 
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One Response to Frohe Weinachten

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi, I linked to your blog from the Tim and Ashley Richardson\’s thinking you were a different Allen family and was SHOCKED to see Dallas Graham smiling back at me! I went to school with him at SVC/U soooo many years ago. Whenever I think about the "good ole days", he is almost always part of the memories. It is a small world…after all. 🙂 –Sarah Palmer in Mich.

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