Comin’ to America (Neil Dimond Style)

OK, well we’re already here, but we ‘came’ to America Neil Dimond Style.  It was a great trip and we are settling into our little apartment in Redmond just fine.  It was really sad to see our house in Germany completely empty.  They loaded up the container and drove off while we locked the door and walked to our hotel.  We did stop for pizza at Caruso’s on the way – and had one last fun evening with Rob and Tasha, our good friends.  Where were the Smallze’s?  Probably cleaning or something .   We will really miss our good friends in Munich – but thanks to Facebook, Blogs, Email, IM and all the great products of the Internet (thanks Al Gore) it will be easy to stay in touch.  I’m not sure how it happened but we checked 13 items (I thought we were packing light!).  The stroller and car seats made it add up fast, but man it was crazy getting checked in when our taxi driver didn’t help at all!  No tip for her (yes it was a her).  Our flight out of Munich was on a small plane, but the big plane from Copenhagen to Seattle made up for the cramped space on the Regional flight.  Thanks to my Goldmember status, we were upgraded to Business Class and had all the room and comforts one could ask for.  It was funny seeing the kids with their seats reclined – watching movies on their personal TVs with On-Demand.  No one cared much for the caviar though.  I took a picture of Lucy on our flight out of Munich when she looked out the window and said "Goodbye Theo…Goodbye Friends…"  It kind of made me sad.  She really made some close friends at school both teachers and classmates.  Anyway, after 12 hours of flying – we made it to Seattle and got all 13 checked items and all 5 of us into the Grand Caravan and we made it to our temporary home.  We have settled back into trips to Target and Costco quite easily – and are doing our best to stimulate the economy.  Looking forward to getting back into our house next month. 
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