Seattle Fun

Had Jen’s family in town for a long weekend – it was fun playing tour guide again.   The Genesis behind this visit was that no one could get tickets to Wicked in SLC – but of course we could in Seattle.  So we got a few extra and Bev, Bo, Dallas, Joni, Jesse, Will, Mary and Nelson all made it up.  The house was kind of full – but it was fun.  we had people sleeping all over.  Wicked was fantastic.  Just as good if not better than the cast we saw in London.  It didn’t have quite the magic of the West End and looking right instead of left, but it was great!!  We did some great touristy things in Seattle and had the most beautiful weather we could have asked for (especially this time of year).  We hit a few fish ladders – never gets dull watching the fish swim upstream to spawn; and a couple of beautiful Seattle parks with fantastic views (Kerry Park and Gasworks Park); we did a driveby of the Seattle Troll in Fremont; and had the best cookies ever at Specialty’s.  The Outlaws won the game of Bang that we played (I was one of them so I got my name in the box again) and we watched movies every night including the night before we had to leave for the airport at 5AM!  I was pretty tired that day.  Myles, Lucy and Ruby had so much fun with their cousins and Uncle Dal!  We loved it all.
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One Response to Seattle Fun

  1. Bev says:

    Whee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Photos are great! Great memories and a wonderful time for everyone. Tyler was the best tour guide and itinerary planner ever. I will hang in with him anytime for fun and keeping things going. Just let us know when Mary Poppins comes to town big guy. Hey, I didn\’t think the photo are Kerry Park was all that bad. Thanks for all your awesome hospitality. xoxoxo Mom

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