Happy New Year 2010

2010 – the year of the…….TBD I guess.  2009 was the year of the leather bags (from Florence) and 2008 was the year of the kilometer.  Anyone have any good themes for 2010???  January has been great so far.  It was the warmest Seattle has ever been; however we did have some really cold days too and of course, lots of rain.  We have this little tradition of taking pictures before church on Sundays but since we’ve been back in the Duvall Ward and I have meetings before church; the sunday morning photo shoots have been infrequent.  the 5th Sunday in January meant no meetings (hooray) so Dad was on top of taking photos – of course it was a little wet out but we’re used to it – we don’t even need coats!  We also enjoyed our first dance recital!  Lucy has been taking ballet the last few months and we got to see her perform the other night.  It was hard keeping Ruby from jumping up on stage with her sister but we managed.  Lucy did great and was so happy to get flowers at the end.  She said she wants fresh flowers all the time.  great.  We also survived 4 days without Jen this month.  while she was off at the National Craft and Hobby Association Convention in LA, Dad had the kids all to himself.  thanks to great friends who helped out in the day – we all survived 🙂
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