The Peninsula

After 6 years of living in the Pacific Northwest, we finally made a trip to the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.  Since we moved back from Germany I’ve committed to spending less time in the yard and more time exploring and creating great experiences with our family.  This was a great trip.  It started off with a ride on the Kingston Ferry – the kids really got a kick out of the quick ride across the Puget Sound.  We made our first stop in Sequim – home of the Dungeness Spit,  – the longest natural spit in the United States at 5.5 miles long.  From Sequim we went to Port Angeles where we made our first night’s stay.  We had a great dinner at some little italian place in town and enjoyed a night of laying in bed watching tv while it rained outside.  After a morning run along the coastal trail in Port Angeles and a little exploring around the old town, we headed off towards Cape Flattery – the north-western-most point of the continental United States.  We took the scenic route instead of the highway – it was quite scenic diving along the Strait of Juan de Fuca, but there sure were a lot of twists and turns in the road.  next time I’ll go for the highway I think.  It POURED all day long.  We enjoyed a nice tour through the Makah Indian Museum and then we went south toward Forks.  We drove through Forks and went straight to the Hoh Rainforest.  Seriously Awesome – huge trees and lots and lots of Moss.  We did a short hike (~1 mile) throught the Trail of Mosses and then went to check in at the Forks Motel.  Day 3 was Sunday and it was beautiful – blue skies and sunshine!  We attended church at the Forks Ward and met a couple from my hometown in Northern Utah who were also visiting Forks for the weekend.  Small World!  We found each other because we both had Utah State license plate frames 🙂  Go Aggies.  After church we went to LaPush to see the Ocean.  Amazing!  the waves were so huge and the weather was so great.  we actually took our coats off for a few minutes.  After that we headed home – another great weekend in a beautiful part of the world. 
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